Are the winning ideas swirling in your head?


With us you can show them, set them free and use all of them. In “Secret Room” this is what is required for success.

The interactive game lasts approximately two and a half hours, and the participants play with tablets in their hands. No prior technical or lexical knowledge is needed. Teams can consist of up to 12 members.

In the game children from 10 years old can participate actively. There is no upper age limit. Please take into account that the game is located on the 3rd floor and is only accessible by stairs.

You can make reservations online using reservation menu point: you can choose from the free time slots on the given day. The number of participants can be modified later. Cancellation can be accepted no later than 48 hours before arrival.

You can encounter similar creative tasks:


By solving the following tasks you can measure your creativity, how well can you use your imagination and your ability to think out of the box.

1. Think of as many yellow things as you can!

2. What if ...

  • - The sun's orbit would revolve around the Earth?
  • - Men could give birth?
  • - We could communicate with animals?

...come up with logical reasonings for these absurd, albeit possible assumptions!

3. Complete the following drawings so it becomes clear what they represent.


4. Describe and show an orange to an alien as precisely as possible.
Observe the multiple characteristic of the orange, not only it’s looks but also the taste, smell and touch.

5. The paper clip was invented by an illiterate English peasant in the XIII .century. How?

Players wrote:


„We really enjoyed the game. Excellent for team building, it has an impact on creativity, moved our brains . We were able to work as a team - someone’s idea was able to be enhanced by the others. It was very pleasurable experience. Definitely not an ordinary, everyday program.”

(Dóri and her team)


„As you enter the Secret Room, the focus is on your creativity, which is even measured and determines how long you can stay in the game. The tasks make the team think and work together and as a result you get to know yours’ and the others’ hidden creativity identity. The result is a lot of fun, because sometimes the craziest ideas provide the best solution.”



„We were looking for a special program for a special friend’s bachelorette party. In “Secret Room” we really had a blast. I don't even remember the last time we laughed so much! Instead of the an average bachelorette party we got a unique experience which will be recalled with joy even 10 years from now. Thank you! ”

(Kata and her team)

You can find us here:


1063 Budapest, Szív street 35. III. floor
Doorbell 26

Send your questions here:
+36 30 557 4060