When should we arrive to the Secret room?
Would you like to leave your things conveniently, go to the bathroom and start at the time of your booking? That’s what we want too. That’s why we would like to ask you to arrive 10 minutes before your booking. This way you won’t distract the previous group’s work but you will still have enough time for everything.
How do we get there?
The room can be found at Szív street 35., located in the 6th district. (Doorbell: 26.)
With car: Drive to the area of Kodály Körönd. You can park on the street, for a fee.
Public transport: Kodály körönd stop with metro line 1 and from there Izabella street stop with trolley-bus 73 and 76. We are just a short walk away from there. Heroes square and Oktogon are also at a maximum 15 minutes walking distance.
When do we pay?
Payments can be made in cash at your arrival to the game master who welcomes you.
I am heart diseased/pregnant/disabled. Can I still take part in the escape?
Although the game is exciting you don’t have to worry about your adrenalin level rising to a level which would be harmful for your health. (Please bring those medicines with you, which you would need at other times!) As a disabled you can still enjoy the experience but please note that the building where the game is located is not optimized for disabled people yet and our Secret room is on the 3rd floor.
Can I book via telephone?
No. Booking can only be made electronically by choosing the option "Reservation". If your given name appears under the reserved time slot all you have to do is come!
We cannot come, what shall we do?
Cancellations are accepted if justified and are made 48 hours prior to the appointment booked.
More/less people will be coming than shown on the booking form.
To successfully finish the game you need at least 3 people in your group. If you still have at least 3 people, come! The room “works” with maximum 8 people so you can come with 8 people. In this case please notify us prior to your arrival so we can get prepared!
I would give it as a present. Is it possible?
Yes, of course! First decide how many people is the present for then contact us.
I would like to pay for one of the Secret room extra services. What do I have to do?
Choose from the available time slots from the calendar, sign up using the normal method and write the desired package in the comments section. (The price of the chosen package will have to be payed naturally.)
From what age can we come?
There is no upper age limit. Children 10 years old and above can participate in the game given that the other members are over 16 years old. The lower age limit for the whole group is 16 years.
Is the game available for foreigners?
The game is available in both Hungarian and English. Choose the desired language during reservation.

You can find us here:


1063 Budapest, Szív street 35. III. floor
Doorbell 26

Send your questions here:


+36 30 557 4060