Half a year ago somthi9ng happened at the Lullenstyd Institute, which shocked the world.

Everything changed.

The researchers still cannot understand the Event. Their results are unclear.

Until now, no one has solved the relationship.

Two people.

A revolution covered by a secret.

The Event, which changed the world.

Who are they? Where are they now? What happened to them?

The truth will be discovered by you

This game puts the creativity to a trial.

It tests how innovative you are, how you can inspire each other as a team,

how many answers you can give to an unexpected question,

from how many aspects you can examine an unusual issue.

The good result is conditioned by the free, unlimited way of thinking -

the more extreme, the better!

It is also an excellent possibility for team building, as for being successful you have to use your phantasy based on the ideas of each other.



The Creation was brewing for several months, years.

But its realization was concentrated to a single moment.

Its creator, author is unknown, unidentifiable.

Its effect is huge.

That is not questionable in spite of the fact that the conditions of its birth are not clarified.

We do not know who created it, by which tools, how and for what purpose.

The art historians are still discussing not only the message of the Creation, but also its identity and technical details, as well.

How was it created? What tools, materials were used?

And at all, what is this Creation? Is it a statute or a painting?

Or a spectacle? An opera, poem or just an idea?

Who created it? A single person or a team of creators, authors?

It is your task to answer all that.

The game is based on your creativity.

You need it for the good results,

in order to find your way under the unexpected conditions,

in order to let your phantasy work freely, and to have the courage to come out even with your wildest ideas.

Primarily, this game is recommended to birthday parties, bachelorette parties or any other celebration.

But come also on the ordinary weekdays –

this game will change them to a feast!



A well-known picture: wild animals and tame ruminants behind gratings.

Visitors are walking among them. They are looking around holding balloon and candy floss in their hands.

It was so earlier, for a long time.

Then that particular Thursday evening came.

And by Friday, by the opening of the gates of the zoo-park, everything changed. The behavior of the animals changed in an unusual way. How it happened has not been exactly, clearly discovered even by the scientists. The transformation happened during a single night. And since that night nothing is the same as earlier.

A mystic night.

Animals behaving strangely.

Puzzled biologists, zoologists.

It is your task to discover what happened in the Zoo-park, why and how the animals changed

For the good results, you need a good phantasy and you must be brave enough to use it!

This game is primarily recommended to group of children and families arriving with children.

(Recommended children’s age : 10 to 16 years)

However, do not hesitate to come even if you are older – we are sure that you will enjoy it!