We welcome the people who celebrate a bachelorette party or a birthday with a personal experience.


The uniqueness in the bachelorette and birthday packages is that we choose a period of the celebrated person’s life and implement it into the game.

This way the celebrated receives a special birthday gift and she/he becomes the main star of the story.


You can use these packages if you contact us and we can discuss which life period should be highlighted 3 days before the date set.

A photo is made at the end of the game, which we hand to you printed as a gift.

You can book an appointment using the following link : ... It is important that when you are applying let us know in the “Comments" section which package you wish to choose.



Creativity is more than a flood of ideas.

The creative person knows what to do with his/her knowledge. But usually the good things in life contain a little game. Our creative team building games trigger the imagination.

"CREATIVE COLLEAGUE" is not a traditional team building exercise: common creative thinking, problem solving is needed to advance, while the participants are having fun in the meantime.

Are there many smart people who work through their lives with few useful ideas? The answer is yes. The members of the team come out confidently from the room after 90 minutes because of creativity equals solution . This is why it’s never too late to visit us

In "Secret Room" the colleagues can play and have fun with each other. This is the only place in Budapest where you can experience both the excitement of escape rooms and the joy of joint thinking simultaneously.

The specialty of the creative team builder package is that up to 12 people can take part in it and we make on of the exercises personal. We use a collective memory or anecdote of the colleagues and build it into the game.
The requirements for this is to inform us at latest 3 days prior the event and we will talk through the memory to be implemented in details. A team photo is given as a present.

The professional background of the "Creative Colleague" program is ensured by creativity researcher József Tallér.

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